Apple Tree Vegan Pastries​​

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Our Gallery

Ways to use our products. Every bite is so delicious!
  1. Strawberry Stuffed with Vanilla Bean Cheese Cake
    Strawberry Stuffed with Vanilla Bean Cheese Cake
    Organic strawberry stuffed with our VANILLA BEAN CHEESE CAKE & TOPEED WITH THE CRUST!
  2. Olive Cocktail Penguins
    Olive Cocktail Penguins
    Made with our MACADAMIA PLAIN GOAT CHEESES, Mediterranean black olives and carrots.
  3. Spinich Salad
    Spinich Salad
    Made with our MACADAMIA BLACK PEPPER GOAT CHEESE, spinich, sun dried tomatoes & olive oil.
  4. Tulip Cheddar Appetizers
    Tulip Cheddar Appetizers
    Made with our CASHEW AMERICAN CHEESE and cucumbers and carrots.
  5. Key Lime
    Key Lime
    Our KEY LIME PIE garnished with raspbery glaze and blueberries.
  6. Asparagus Mandala
    Asparagus Mandala
    Made with our CASHEW ONION & GARLIC CHEESES, asparagus, radishes, parsly, red and orange bell peppers
  7. Pizza
    Gluten free spelt crust topped with our CASHEW WHITE CHEDDAR CHEESE, tomato sauce, portobello mushrooms, orange bell peppers & arugula.
  8. Mozzarella Cheese Sandwich
    Mozzarella Cheese Sandwich
    Gluten free sesame seed bread with our CASHEW MOZZARELLA CHEESE, tomatoes, mustard & green bell peppers
  9. Mini White Cheddar Bites
    Mini White Cheddar Bites
    Mini bites full of flavor. Made with our CASHEW WHITE CHEDDAR CHEESE, rosemary, sun dry tomatoes & olive oil.
  10. Cheese Parfait
    Cheese Parfait
    Sweet strawberries and blueberries paired with our CASHEW MASCARPONE CHEESES.
  11. Veggie Roll
    Veggie Roll
    Our CASHEW CREAM CHEEESE in a cucumber roll along with cucumbers, carrots, celery & cilantro.
  12. Macaroni & Cheese
    Macaroni & Cheese
    Gluten free spelt pasta with our CASHEW SHARP CHEDAR CHEESE
  13. Carob Pistach Ice Cream Sandwich
    Carob Pistach Ice Cream Sandwich
    Pistachio ice cream sandwich between two of our CAROB COOKIE.
  14. Pasta
    Gluten free pasta topped with tomato sauce and our ALMOND PARMESAN CHEESE.
  15. Tulip Tomatoes
    Tulip Tomatoes
    Cherry tomatoes stuffed with our CASHEW CREAM CHEESE and scallion stems.
  16. Pine Cone Cheese
    Pine Cone Cheese
    Our MACADAMIA PLAIN GOAT CHEESES toped with almonds and garnish with rosemary.
  17. Nachos & Cheese
    Nachos & Cheese
    Our CASHEW MEXICAN SPICY DIP CHEESES goes well with nachos.
  18. Cheddar Ball
    Cheddar Ball
    Our SHARP CHEDDAR CHEESE rolled in a ball with sliced almonds.
  19. Guacamole
    Our CHIPOTLE AMARANTH CRACKERS with avocados, lime, onions, cilantro & celtic sea salt.