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Learn to create delicious Vegan Food or Just join us for a Vegan Eating Event!
Classes are usually 2 to 5 days depending on the course.  We teach you how make sweet desserts such as cookies, pies, cakes, cupcakes, candy, chocolate and frozen desserts. Also flavorful breads, wraps, and crackers, nut and seed meats along with cheeses, soups, salads, and beverages. In addition how to make gift ideas, holiday and party foods.
Our events  and classes are pre registered so we can have the precise amount of ingredients to treat you to an array of delicious vegan food. Go to our Ingredients We Use Page and look at the products we use to create vegan foods.
Check out our calendar for our class schedules & events!

  1. Almond Milk & Cookies!
    Almond Milk & Cookies!
    Buy 2 cookies & receive a free almond milk! Store pick up only!
  2. Cake Tasting Event!
    Cake Tasting Event!
    Yummy raw vegan "cake" tasting event!
  3. Crazy For Cheese!
    Crazy For Cheese!
    This is a great event for cheese addicts who want to convert to vegan cheese. Come in and try the many textures and savory flavors!
  4. Fresh Juice!
    Fresh Juice!
    Chef Melvin from Vegan Beginnings will be in the kitchen juicing fresh blends of juices!
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    What does a Raw Vegan Eat?
    The answer is "Real Food" We will go over raw vegan array of living foods & give samples!
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    Make a Perfect Pie & Crust
    Learn to make non baked pies with the perfect nut or seed crust.
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    Lets Make Cake!
    Make yummy moist raw non baked cakes with beautiful decorations.
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    All About CHEESE!
    Learn to make Vegan Cheese! This is a 3 day course. You will learn about the raw ingredients and techniques used in preparing raw vegan cheese.
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    Savory Treats
    We will make small treats like brownies, Candy Bars, Granola Bars, candy & Ice-cream!
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    Vegan Chocolatey sweets that don't contain gluten, dairy or refined sugars! Learn to handmade chocolate candies, including truffles, fudge, chocolate covered cherries and many other wonderful treats that all involve chocolate!